Youth Workshop Series Continues

June 16, 2018

The Locals Only youth workshop series has been continuing on into June as the youth artists are preparing for the launch of the summer mobile art carts. On June 11th and 13th, the youth gathered at AKA gallery to brainstorm project ideas they will run at the carts this summer. The youth also worked on their communication skills by practicing leading their art projects among their peers. These experiments resulted in brainstorming sessions, peer and mentor feedback, and some fun, interactive art projects.

On Saturday, June 16th the youth took the carts out to Victoria Park for their afternoon session. Besides getting some extra Vitamin D, being out in Victoria park gave the youth an opportunity to practice pulling the art carts, setting them up, and interacting with the public. Project assistants Olivia Adams and Glenda Lindgren led the afternoon sessions and helped the youth brainstorm about what they wanted to accomplish at the carts, the opportunity for dialogue that could take place at the carts, and what their projects might look like.

Come and see what the LO youth are up to by checking out the summer cart schedule and also by following us on Instagram and Facebook. See you around Saskatoon this summer!