Jam and Bannock Day

August 1, 2018

On Tuesday, August 1st the Locals Only youth met at the Farmer’s Market to learn about preserving. Saskatoon resident, Anne MacMillan, led a youth workshop on the art of making jam. Anne walked the students through a step by step process of cleaning the berries, sterilizing the jars, cooking the fruit down, and canning it for future use. Anne joyfully shared her experiences of making jam and the students smiled (and ate) their way through the afternoon. Throughout the afternoon, the students were able to ask questions and learn helpful hints about making jam. The youth took turns compiling tips and sketches of the jam-making process that will be printed into a zine for future use.

Some useful tips:

“Stir in all the lumps of sugar. Otherwise you’ll have blackcurrant toffee.”

“Stirring  gets air into the jam and makes sure all the fruit doesn’t rise to the top while the jam/jelly stays at the bottom!”

“Using a bit of butter gets rid of the foam on top!”

Locals Only youth artist, Aaron Nepoose, taught the participants how to make bannock to pair with the homemade preserves.  Aaron was able to give helpful hints on how to make it gluten-free, how to knead the dough so it doesn’t get flaky, and how to place it in the frying pan without getting burned. Everyone got the opportunity to try their hand at making fried bannock. At the end of the day, each student was able to take home a jar of blackcurrant jam and bannock. It was a delicious payment after a hard day’s work.

Sad you missed out on our preserve day? The Locals Only youth will be sharing their experiences, recipes, and their homemade preserves at the Art and Food Carts next Wednesday, August 8th. Check out our schedule here and see where to find them.