Aden Bowman's SEED Class Creates Zines

June 14, 2018

Locals Only artists, Michael Peterson and Cate Francis worked with student’s from Aden Bowman’s SEED class to develop zine’s of edible plants in Saskatoon. The program connects students with individuals and organizations that are creating change in Saskatoon in order to use this inspiration to start purposeful projects of their own that impact the local and greater community. Michael and Cate worked with a group of students every Thursday morning for 6 weeks to help them create an educational zine of foods grown in Saskatoon. Grade 10 students, Shay, Tyson, Izak, and Breanne designed and created a zine on how to identify, harvest, and utilize 8 different edible plants. For the final day of the project, the students took a field trip to Void Gallery and learned how to screen print the covers of the zine. The zines will later be distributed throughout the city along with a map of publicly accessible edible foods.