Locals Only at Saint Paul's Hospital's Healing Arts Studio

August 16, 2018

In the final week of the Locals Only summer carts, youth leaders from Locals Only and CHEP Good Food brought the Locals Only feel to the residents of Saint Paul’s Hospital on August 13th and 16th. In coordination with the Healing Arts Studio and Marlessa Wesolowski, mobile market and art activities set up shop on the 5th floor of Saint Paul’s Hospital. The youth led a variety of art activities with an emphasis on sharing cultural traditions. On the 13th they taught residents how to make dream catchers and banners to brighten up their rooms. On the 16th, they showed participants how to make paper lanterns and origami cranes. It was wonderful to see the joy on people’s faces as they learned to create something new. Some comments from the participants were:

“Thank you for bringing the activities to Saint Paul’s, it helped me take my mind off of my pain.”

“Thank you so much. I just feel so much better now. Thank you for being patient.”

“Thank you for coming today. I think this should be here every day. Every place should have one!”

Some comments from the students:

“It helped me to think about intergenerational art and what it means to be creative. It (creativity) is dormant inside of all of us.”

“One lady invited me up to her room. It was kind of sad to see their rooms, but I think the paper lanterns and cranes brightened their day.”

“There were a lot of good interactions and I could see that we were making people happy.”

Many people had limited mobility and dexterity, but with the youth’s help, they were still able to create. Karden Marceau, one of the Locals Only youth, made dream catchers for several residents who didn’t have the ability to make one for themselves. Meagan Hong, another LO youth was able to make paper cranes to give away to the people who didn’t have the time or physical ability to make one.

The residents were also delighted at the presence of CHEP Good Food’s mobile market. Many patients and staff enjoyed the fresh fruit and vegetables that they offered. Locals Only was grateful to partner with the Healing Arts Program and the Saskatoon Health Region to bring fresh fruit and art activities to our neighbours at Saint Paul’s Hospital. We hope to come again!