Art Carts - Bread in the Park

July 7, 2018

On Saturday, July 7th, it was a beautiful sunny day and the youth were out in Victoria Park during the afternoon. We had visiting artist in residence, Holly Schmidt working with us for a week. As part of her project she was collecting bread recipes for Bannock, Chinese steamed buns, and Ukranian Kolache. After baking them on Friday, she had lots leftover to be given away at the carts. Many people stopped by while riding their bikes to try bread that they may not have had the opportunity to eat before. Holly will be combining the three recipes together and then later creating packaging for the new bread creation. At the carts, she also gave people the chance to create their own versions of what a label for the new recipe might look like, while they enjoyed some fresh bread and jam.


Saturday’s Youth: Karden, Aaron, Lisa

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