More Tea at the Carts

July 31, 2018

Today I led the carts doing a Tea Blends activity in the community of Riversdale, along 20th St W. I found that collaborative participation thrives in a safe setting where art and partnership is shared. The youth artists who helped support the activity today also seemed to have fun with the activity. Many of us took tea home ourselves, as a monumental drink to remind us of the good work we are doing in the community. We were busy by CUMFI, where many of their workers came to see us at their break. The children also loved the activity, as it was hands on and creative. Art is dormant in all of us, and I find that the spark is ignited when doing it within a setting where it is both encouraged and enjoyed. There is passion when it comes to making something for oneself, and the magic of Locals Only brings that to light. I firmly believe this project has started conversations based on the activities chosen that day. For me, it is vital to spread the table and sit down with willing individuals. By sparing some of their time with us, we got the chance to open their minds to new outlooks. I hope that they took this activity and do it at home, or widen the possibilities they have. As long as food security is the conversation that is being spoken of, or even thought of, I like to think that we, as a team, accomplished what we set out to do.

Hiy hiy, thank you, from Aaron Marie of Treaty Six Territory.

PS. I love tea. It reminds me of the laughter my aunties and I had when playing cards with cups of tea beside us.

Tuesday’s Youth: Aaron, Karden, Anya

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