Locals Only Artists

Jordan Schwab

Saskatoon, SK

Jordan Schwab, originally from Prince George, BC, holds a BFA from Thompson Rivers University (2005), and received his MFA from the University of Saskatchewan (2009). Through a previous career in commercial and industrial construction, he developed an interest in constructed environments, entropy, and collective work, which form the basis for his artistic practice. He has exhibited across the country, including shows at SKOL gallery in Montreal, SNAP Gallery in Edmonton, Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg, Kamloops Art Gallery, and AKA Artist-Run, PAVED Arts, and Remai Modern Pre-Launch in Saskatoon. He currently works and lives in Saskatoon as an Art Coordinator for Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming (SCYAP), where he has taught art and life skills to youth for the past 8 years. He also runs JK Professional Services, providing contract work to various galleries and individuals, and is a sessional instructor in the Art and Art History department at the University of Saskatchewan.


Somewhere between a chicken and a T-Rex

As Riversdale changes, the neighborhood presents with two very disparate aesthetics; a clash of what is coming with that which has always seemed to have been there. Using three hand-pulled carts, Jordan Schwab’s project for Locals Only presents a mobile base from which food can be distributed or stories and projects can be shared. Two of the carts work together to form a communal table, the two carts that visually present the best or the worst parts of the changing neighborhood, depending on an individual’s perspective. The third cart acts as a blank slate, and a welcome sign, to draw people in and adapt to those that use it, just like the neighborhood.