Locals Only Artists

Marcel Petit

Saskatoon, SK

Marcel Petit is an independent producer, filmmaker, writer and photographer from Saskatoon. He runs m.pet productions, an independent production company that explores human experience through visual arts.

He is an active and engaged member of the community, having served as the Executive Director of the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op and Program Coordinator for the Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre. Marcel enjoys traveling, taking photos, making movies, and Star Wars.


Marcel Petit’s project for Locals Only will use photography, video, audio, and youth to share stories from those who are affected the most by the lack of good food and groceries and the impacts of gentrification in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. Marcel will mentor youth, drawn from these same core neighbourhoods, through all aspects of this project in an effort to give back to these communities. He will teach basic photography, video, and editing to the local youth and at the same time teach a small amount about choosing images for and setting up exhibitions. In addition to taking photographs, the youth will help record stories and oral testimonies around food and gentrification, which will be made available to listen to along with these photographs. By the end of this mentorship, the youth will be able to conduct and deliver similar programming and activities with residents of Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods, which will result in further community exhibits.