Locals Only Artists

Kris Alvarez

Kris Alvarez is a theatre artist and a Regina monologue. She enjoys a good laugh and a great story. Kris has the privilege of making stuff with young people and is the director of the Globe Theatre School’s Youth Company.

Kris is extremely excited about her current contributions to Curtain Razors; besides having been a part of Bad Blood, she is actively involved as an Artistic Associate with the Board of Directors. With the support of the company, Kris continues to build on her (somewhat) autobiographical show, What Kind of Brown Are You? – A project inspired by ‘growing up brown’ in 1980s Regina.

Kris loved being part of Red Hot Riot with Jayden Pfeifer, which finished its final season at the end of last year. And with her ‘home away from home’, Fadadance, Kris is happy to be offering a new theatre & movement course for the very young, Wee Folk.




What Kind of Brown are You?

Kris Alvarez’s project for Locals Only, What Kind of Brown are You will explore themes of race, and multiculturalism through the medium of live theatre performance. She has previously conducted a series of participatory performances of the same name under Curtain Razors Theatre. Her performances take the form of communal meals as a means of delving into this vast and complex topic, allowing space for humour while starting a dialogue on deeper issues. Alvarez will build upon, and create a participatory performance work that will give insight into her own past growing up as a young Filipina in 1980s Regina.